13 until 21 March | Jardim da Estrela

Inside their magnificent and cozy “Mini-Paradisio”, they purpose an extraordinary animation festival, the shortest of MONSTRA’s short films, and other unlikely programs.
The public, will be the judges for the great prize: The Golden Peanut.
We will project a selection of films, in a room holding 15 people, witch will be included in the Short Shorts competition of the MONSTRA festival (films around 2 minutes long).

Session 1






INHABITED, Daniela Fortuna, Portugal, 2017, 2’
MIND OF AN ARTIST: DON MCCULLIN, Leszek Mozga, United Kingdom, 2017, 2’
FOR LOVE, Macarena Campos, Uruguay, 2018, 2’
HIGH NOON, Camille Sallan, Thomas Appleman, Ambre Decruyenaere, Cécile Despretz, Luc Armanet, Lucie Andouche, France, 2018, 1’
DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?, Viktorija Sipilova, United Kingdom, 2018, 2’
GUILTY PLEASURE, Xuanchen Fan, United Kingdom, 2018, 2’
KINKY KITCHEN, Bea Höller, Germany, 2018, 2’

Session 2






LET THEM HAVE CHEESE, Jishnav Iyer, India, 2018, 2’
ILLUMINATION, Lina Methout, Mohamed Azer Kaabachi, France, 2018, 2’
NEW DEVONIA, Kelly Mann, United Kingdom, 2018, 3’
PERIOD., Palwasha Azimi, USA, 2017, 2’
TURBOPÉRA, Fabien Meyran, Benoît de Geyer d’Orth, Antoine Marchand, Paul-Eugène Dannaud, France, 2018, 2’
WORKOUT, Joe Wood, United Kingdom, 2017, 2’
GIVE ME A FRENCH FESSÉE, Lucas Ansart, Laura Passalacqua, Loïck Piton, Camille Sallan, France, 2018, 2’
SABRINO, Nídia Joana Ferreira, Portugal, 2018, 1’

Session 3






FOOD, Michaela Mihalyiova, Czech Republic, 2018, 1’
PARIS, Guy Trefler, Israel, 2018, 2’
NEXT STOP, Brad Gibson, Canada, 2018, 2’
CONFETTI, Àngel Estois, Mercè Sendino, Lucía Hernández, Spain, 2018, 2’
MORE, Ewald Aloeboetoe, Valeria Railean, Nicolas Turpin, Cyrielle Bounser, France, 2018, 2’
MIDDLEWARE, Christopher Alves, Sam Alisson, France, 2018, 2’
I AM OKAY, Michel Digout, France, 2017, 3’

Session 4 – CHILDREN






BLACK FRIDAY, Jay Kim, North Korea, 2018, 2’
NODDING OFF, Kailey Ga Young Choi, USA, 2018, 2’
ROMÉO & JOSETTE, Claire Eyheramendy, France, 2018, 2’
LIFTING MR BURDEN, Rayan Ghossein, Jake Zetter, Chedi Ayari, France, 2018, 2’
CRAYONA, Aishwarya Sadasivan, USA, 2018, 2’
MUGGINS AND TUGGINS: SEED, David McKenna, United Kingdom, 2017, 2’
WASHING DAY, Claire Lamond, United Kingdom, 2018, 3’