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Monday, March 25th
| 18:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA MO
Tuesday, March 26th
| 18:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA MO
Wednesday, March 27th
| 18:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA MO
Thursday, March 28th
| 18:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA MO
Friday, March 29th
| 17:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA 3


Lowe Haak

Flash is a successful digital postman, who carries messages to mobile phones. One day, he slips a love message between two teenagers in the spam mail by mistake. He is sent out on a quest through the darkest

Denmark, Sweden | 2018 | 9’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Lowe Haak, Sara Isabella Jønnson
Animation: Isak Howalt Owe, Kristina Silkjær, Duc Thinh Nguyen, Charly Mårtensson
Video Editor: Lowe Haak, Louis Seeberg
Sound: Anders Ankerstjerne
Music: Jacob Søndergaard Weile
Technique: 2D
Production: National Film School of Denmark
Distribution: Lowe Haak

300 G/M2

Kamila Kucikova

It’s a monodrama of a white-white paper.

Estonia | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Kamila Kucikova
Animation: Kamila Kučíková
Video Editor: Kamila Kučíková
Sound: Tanel Kadalipp
Music: Estrada Orchestra
Production: Estonian Academy of Arts


Wang Kuo

For decades, kids in China have been singing “The Little Swallow.” Written in the 1950s, nowadays some themes in the song are outdated. Today, big factories and machines aren’t always a point of pride in society. They often symbolize pollution and noise… hardly a place fit for swallow to roost. That being said, it still is a beautiful song.

France | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Wang Kuo
Animation: Wang Kuo
Video Editor: Wang Kuo
Sound: Wang Kuo
Music: Open Source
Technique: 2D
Production: École Européenne Supérieure de L’image


Jinghui Gao

Inspired by the poem “Nostalgia”, written by the chinese poet Yu Guangzhong.Homesickness is a feeling that always accompanied us in the process of our growth. This animation is based on my experiences of feeling homesick. Blue is the colour of the person or things I have missed.

Germany | 2018 | 2’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Jinghui Gao
Animation: Jinghui Gao
Video Editor: Jinghui Gao
Sound: Jinghui Gao
Music: Jinghui Gao
Technique: 2D
Production: Bauhaus University Weimar
Distribution: Jinghui Gao


Elise Augarten

A little girl gets lost between the locker room and the deep end of a swimming pool.

France | 2017 | 7’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Elise Augarten
Animation: Elise Augarten
Video Editor: Elise Augarten
Sound: Matthieu Gasnier
Music: Martin Etienne
Technique: Drawing on paper
Production: ISCID


Andrea Mannino, Sara Burgio, Giacomo Rinaldi

Donald, a white nationalist, cannot stand the arrival of the new neighbours, while his little daughter can’t wait to play with a new friend. In a funny 1930s-style atmosphere, the film questions about our possibility of integration and peaceful coexistence.

Italy | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Andrea Mannino
Animation: Andrea Mannino, Sara Burgio, Giacomo Rinaldi
Sound: Paolo Armao e Vito Martinelli
Music: Fulvio Chiara
Production: Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia, Piemonte – Animazione


Catarina Gil

Memories of a distant Algarve, painted with sonorities and dipped in color.

Portugal | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Catarina Gil
Animation: Catarina Gil
Video Editor: Catarina Gil
Sound: Catarina Gil
Technique: 2D
Production: Universidade Lusófona


Yen-chen Liu, Ellis Kayin Chan, Zozo Jhen, Marine Varguy, Tena Galovic

A journey of a 7 year-old boy’s acceptance of his grandpa’s death, in a traditional Taiwanese funeral. After following all the steps of the ceremony, he has to find his own way to express those sentiments of losing someone. The entire film is hand-drawn, portraying a unique Taiwanese tale.

France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Croatia | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Yen-chen Liu, Zozo Jhen, Tena Galovic
Animation: Ellis Kayin Chan, Marine Varguy, Tena Galovic
Video Editor: Veronique Goupil
Sound: Mathieu Tiger
Music: David Kamp
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D, 3D, Oil pastel
Production: GOBELINS – L’École de L’ Image
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Ana Perez Lopez

Girls are weird. Babies are weird. Bodies are extra weird. “Las del diente” is a film about now, a time when women are tired to choose between having kids and their careers. Days in which anomalies in the reproductive system are celebrated instead of stigmatized.

USA, Spain | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Ana Perez Lopez
Animation: Ana Perez Lopez
Video Editor: Ana Perez Lopez
Sound: Laura Sofia Perez
Music: Paula Escobar
Technique: 2D
Production: The California Institute Of The Arts
Distribution: Ana Perez Lopez


Tom Humphreys

An explorative dance piece framing around a character who can play his veins like an instrument, whilst simultaneously experimenting with the dendritic pattern in nature and the body. It is an expressionistic film in which I deprived myself of sleep for certain scenes to see if it would affect my animation.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Tom Humphreys
Animation: Tom Humphreys
Video Editor: Tom Humphreys
Sound: Dan Pollard


Siobhán Smith

Optimistic Harry attends an interview which will decide if he can carry on receiving benefits that enable him to live a sustainable life. The tough, unforgiving interview forces him to retreat to his imagination, a softer world, full of wool and crochet.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Siobhán Smith, James Smith
Sound: Nirav Patel
Music: Oliver McMillan


Siqi Song

Today I want to talk to you of my younger sister.

China | 2018 | 8’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Siqi Song
Animation: Siqi Song
Sound: Nick Ainsworth, Andrea Gard, Aidan Reynolds, Bingyang Liu
Music: Karen Tanaka


Haruka Hiramatsu

For her, dance is life. And life is dance. Every tingle in her heart gets her swinging to thebeat.

Japan | 2018 | 2’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Haruka Hiramatsu
Animation: Haruka Hiramatsu
Video Editor: Haruka Hiramatsu
Sound: Yuino Tokumaru
Music: Haruko Torii
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D
Production: Tokyo University of the Arts
Distribution: Tokyo University of the Arts


Melissa Kahn

Our story centers itself around Wednesday, a sock, who wakes up in the middle of the night to find that his partner, Wednesday 2, has left him. He rushes to the tumble dryer, where lies the portal to Sockworld, to try and track her down and remind her they are meant to be together. When he finds her, he tries to catch up to her, but eventually sees what he was not meant to see…

South Africa | 2017 | 5’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Melissa Kahn
Animation: Michelle Kao, Jason Nel, Chase Edmonds, Matthew Lindebaum, Keenan Lucas, Jason Nel
Video Editor: Jason Nel, Alex Rymill
Sound: Chante
Music: Kristy
Technique: 3D
Production: The Animation School (PTY) LTD


Yingzong Xin

Cici’s good friend Nini was taken away. At midnight, Nini returned to her friend and tried to tell her something.

USA | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU1
Screenplay: Yingzong Xin
Production: Yingzong Xin


Mathilde Pepinster

Awkward situation when the desire to have a bath takes you much further than planned.

Belgium | 2018 | 2’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Mathilde Pepinster
Animation: Mathilde Pepinster
Video Editor: La Cambre ASBL
Sound: Lionel Polis
Music: Lionel Polis
Technique: 2D
Production: La Cambre ASBL
Distribution: ADIFAC


Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez

The film was inspired by Rodriguez’s travels around Mexico, mythology and the works of Andrew Wyeth and Juan Rulfo.

France, Denmark | 2018 | 8’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez
Animation: Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez, Sebastian Mosegaard Hannibal,Louis Albert Kynd, Federico Pirovano, Martin Steffen Neukirch
Video Editor: Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez
Sound: Per Justesen, Matias Porsborg Pedersen
Music: Pablo Pico
Technique: 2D, 3D, Drawing on paper
Production: The Animation Workshop
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Shakir Khan

The film deals with the complex relationship between power, helplessness and reality. It elaborates on the idea that reality is more intricate than what we can see, and it takes an outsider’s perspective to actually get a glimpse of the complexities of the situation.

Estonia | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Shakir Khan
Animation: Shakir Khan
Video Editor: Shakir Khan, Olga Pärn
Sound: Horret Kuus
Music: Lacrimosa by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Production: Olga Pärn


Moritz Biene

A bittersweet tale of life, love, cake and fish.A fishmonger, hard on his luck, decides to change his fate and win over his beloved by becoming the best pastry chef the world has ever seen.However, his pursuit of perfection carries him further away from his goals.

Germany | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU2
Animation: Moritz Biene
Sound: Christoph Walter, Matija Strniša
Music: Christoph Walter, Matija Strniša
Technique: 2D
Production: Moritz Biene, Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF


Jessica Mountfield

Anna explores the world of dementia-stricken Gus – a fluffy, former gardener who lives withhis granddaughter. Chronicling just one day in his life, Gus struggles to reconcile reality withan increasingly present past.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Jessica Mountfield
Production: Jessica Mountfield


Dearbhla Reid

I chose the opposing terms, growth and decay, and applied these words to human relationships. Exploring the meanings of each of these words in terms of relationships and nature, I decided to create a piece which overlaps and intertwines these two processes.

Ireland | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Dearbhla Reid
Animation: Dearbhla Reid
Music: Oisin Holzinger
Technique: Rotoscoping


Léa Bancelin

Marie is a young woman in her twenties. One day, she unintentionally gives a call to her best childhood friend, Anne. Marie then remembers her memories about Anne, and the feelings she had for her. Back in the present, Marie decides to do what she should have done a long time ago: delete Anne’s number and cut the last tie between them.

France | 2017 | 6’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Léa Bancelin
Animation: Léa Bancelin
Video Editor: Léa Bancelin
Sound: Guillaume David
Music: Léa Tsamantakis
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D
Production: EMCA


Satoe Yoshinari

Why does heartbreak hurt so much?Is it my heart that’s broken?This is my interpretation of a heartbreak.

Norway | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU2
Sound: Raphael Zucconi


Yu Yu

Daisy is a young girl who is being cared for by Ben, a robot caretaker, during wartime. After a bomb attack, Daisy vanishes. This begins Bens’ search for her.

Taiwan | 2018 | 10’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Yu Yu / Thomas Tang
Sound: Yi Ting Chang
Music: Thomas Tang, Yi Ting Chang


Diego Porral Soldevilla

“Monsters Walking” is a short film about monsters that walk.

Spain | 2018 | 1’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Diego Porral Soldevilla
Animation: Diego Porral Soldevilla
Video Editor: Diego Porral Soldevilla
Sound: Diego Porral Soldevilla
Music: Diego Porral Soldevilla
Technique: 2D
Production: GOBELINS
Distribution: Marta Salvador Tato


Catarina Azevedo, Anna Cernawsky, Patrícia Ventura

Three plant-like creatures grow up together. At a certain point, one starts to grow differently. A short film about learning how to accept changes in others and ourselves.

Portugal | 2017 | 7’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Catarina Azevedo, Anna Cernawsky, Patrícia Ventura
Animation: Anna Cernawsky, Catarina Azevedo, Patrícia Ventura
Music: PeriTune – Sei Mutsuki
Production: Catarina Azevedo, Anna Cernawsky, Patrícia Ventura



Two girls enter a river, one after the other. They explore the contact of their bodies through the water, exchange silent glances, wait, avoid and follow each other. A thorough ballet of first touch takes place underwater. They come closer.

France | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Tara BEAUFILS
Animation: Tara BEAUFILS
Video Editor: Tara BEAUFILS
Sound: Tara BEAUFILS
Music: Marc Lautier
Technique: 2D
Production: EMCA
Distribution: EMCA


Michelle Brand

People come, people go – Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU2
Sound: Michelle Brand
Music: Vincenzo Di Francesco


Debjyoti Saha

“Sonder” means the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. A painter, Md. Farooq, prepares for the performance of his life.

India | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Debjyoti Saha
Animation: Debjyoti Saha
Video Editor: Debjyoti Saha
Sound: Debjyoti Saha
Music: Debjyoti Saha
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D
Production: National Institute of Design, India


Zhou Xiaolin

The animated short film “Twinkle Twinkle” presents a beautiful and sad love storyinspired by three poems of Ren Hang. Under the starry sky, the protagonist Mr. Cloud escapes from reality and falls into the space of memories and delusions, where a new encounter with his lover begins.

Japan | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU2
Music: Setsu Tanaka
Technique: Cut-outs, 2D, Drawing on paper


Andrea Giovanni Sidoti, Hannes Oehen

Karl arrives late to work and rushes to stamp his punch card. At his desk, he discovers a hole in his hand and tries to hide it, but when several more holes are punched in his body, he tries to escape the office. As he goes to stamp his card, he’s pulled into the stamp clock. Inside, Karl is transformed into a punch card, perforated several times and eventually pulled out.

Switzerland | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU2
Screenplay: Andrea Giovanni Sidoti
Animation: Andrea Giovanni Sidoti, Hannes Oehen, Fela Bellotto, Dominique Birrer, Etienne Kompis, Marco Ellensohn, Kilian Vilim
Video Editor: Andrea Giovanni Sidoti, Hannes Oehen
Sound: Etienne Kompis, Christof Steinmann
Music: Raffael Pochanke
Technique: 2D
Production: Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Animation, Jürgen Haas
Distribution: Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Animation, Chantal Molleur


Géraldine Charpentier

Lou tells his story, the way he feels about gender. Girl or boy, he/she chose not to choose, for now.

Belgium | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Géraldine Charpentier
Animation: Géraldine Charpentier
Video Editor: Géraldine Charpentier
Sound: Anna Faury
Music: Laura Sasso and Jérémie Congrega
Technique: Drawing on paper, Painting on glass, Rotoscoping, 2D, Photography
Production: Atelier de Production de la Cambre, ASBL
Distribution: ADIFAC



Alex is increasingly getting tired of life restricted by norms and expectations of the modern world. One day, she sees Bacchus, who lures her into a colorful world, which is a complete opposite of her reality. In this mysterious place, you are free to follow your instincts and explore your deepest desires.

France | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU3
Animation: Kristina Sletting Jensen, Kristine Behrmann Larsen, Linda Bjurhager, Amanda Jespersen Holm
Video Editor: Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta, Kristina Sletting Jensen, Amanda, Jespersen Holm
Sound: Emilie Soegaard, Christopher McLaughlin
Music: Mathias Valiant
Technique: 2D, 3D
Production: The Animation Workshop
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Liis Kokk

“Kuldrenett” is a story of a man and an apple tree. The stubborn attempts of man toreach the apples disrupt the balance of the world.

Estonia | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Liis Kokk
Animation: Liis Kokk
Video Editor: Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn, Liis Kokk
Sound: Björn Norralt
Music: Björn Norralt


Pauline Gregoire, Lucie Bonzom, Benoit Parias, Theo Pierrel

In the wild savanah of Africa, a strong cheetah is chasing a gazelle. In spite of unexpected twists, will cheetah catch up to the gazelle?

France | 2017 | 3’
Sessão STU3
Animation: Pauline Gregoire, Théo Pierrel
Video Editor: Pauline Gregoire, Lucie Bonzom, Benoit Parias, Théo Pierrel
Sound: Bruno Degunst
Music: Vincent Govindin
Production: ECV BORDEAUX


Kiana Naghshineh

A woman walks home at night. She is overwhelmed from behind by a stranger. He grabs her and tries to rip off her clothes. They fight. Reality and fears blur into each other.

Germany | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Kiana Naghshineh
Animation: Kiana Naghshineh, Janina Putzker
Video Editor: Kiana Naghshineh
Sound: Laura Schnaufer, Volker Armbruster
Music: Marius Kirsten
Technique: 2D
Production: Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg


Eabha Bortolozzo, Jack Kirwan

A day in the life of a barman and his patron. Set in an Irish pub, this animated short is narrated by a voice over compiled from interviews with John B. King and Richard Burton in which they discuss their relationship with alcohol. The animation mirrors the intoxication of the main character: the more alcohol he consumes the more illustrative and evocative the animation becomes.

Ireland | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU3
Animation: Eabha Bortolozzo, Anna Golovko
Sound: Sam Farrar, Stephan Harris, Dylan Boyle
Music: Lacuna Creations


Théo Amanatiou, Guillaume Duparchy, Tristan Ganidel, Thibault Rhein

In an anthropomorphic animal world, we follow, through the camera of a reporter, twocops: Michel (the pig) and Regis (the sheep) during their daily patrol.

France | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU3
Animation: Théo Amanatiou, Thibault Rhein
Music: Acredite Se Quiser / Jorge Ferreira Borges Silva da, Vantoil Alves Ferreira, Aristides Marques The Sidewalks Talks
Technique: 3D
Production: ArtFX
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Francisca Coutinho

We witness the breaking point of an individual. Borders dissolve, the inside manifests itself.

Portugal | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Francisca Coutinho
Animation: Francisca Coutinho
Video Editor: Francisca Coutinho
Sound: Francisca Coutinho
Music: Vivaldi Four Seasons- Summer
Technique: Pixilation, 2D
Production: Universidade Lusófona


Tomáš Červený

She’s cold, old and steady. Her name is Winter, and she’s content. Alone, she rules the fairy woods from the comfort of her magic hut. Nevertheless, misery is close, when someone slips in to her realm. It’s Spring. She’s witty, young and she brings life. Is Winter powerful enough to destroy Spring? If so, what will be the cost?

Slovakia | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Tomáš Červený


Anita Bruvere

Fish Boy lives in darkness, his guilt about the past slowly consuming him. His girlfriend Laura is a light of hope in his dark world. But despite his efforts, his past continues to chase him, eventually putting them both in danger.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 9’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Bethe Townsend
Animation: Anita Bruvere
Video Editor: Tine Lykke Jensen
Sound: Breen Turner
Music: Seymour Milton
Technique: Painting on glass, Stop motion
Production: National Film and Television School, UK


Cassandra Reis

Money, fear, boy and girl things as told by kids, in a cute and weird way.

Brazil | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Cassandra Reis, Mariana Lopes
Sound: Raquel Vieira, Felipe Cadillac, Sandro Costa
Music: Gustavo Kurlat, Caio Torrezan e Rafael Thémes (Estúdio Play It Again)
Production: Mariana Lopes e Victor Casé


Zahra Rostampour

A hungry wolf gets stuck in stereotypes about being the big bad wolf of the story. She has to flee when everybody accuses her of violence and murder. She faces the danger of getting killed.

Iran | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Zahra Rostampour
Animation: Zahra Rostampour, Hamed Pourkerman, Ashkan Naeimi
Video Editor: Zahra Rostampour
Sound: Peyman Vahedi
Music: Farhad Saffar
Production: Zahra Rostampour, Tehran University of Arts
Distribution: Zahra Rostampour


Tatiana Kuznetsova, Masha Serebryakova, Nikolai Shakin, Vera Pavlova, Ira Mironova, Natasha Chingina, Olya Fedorova, Kira Vishnyakova, Masha Bondar, Varya Badadgulova

Coursework students of the course puppet animation.

Russia | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU3
Production: Dmitriy Shlepnev


Marta Sofia Gomes Dias

A girl wakes up one morning with a goat head. Not knowing what to do, she goes through an internal crisis that ultimately brings her to an important and essential realisation.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU3
Screenplay: Marta Sofia Gomes Dias
Animation: Marta Sofia Gomes Dias
Video Editor: Marta Sofia Gomes Dias
Sound: Stylianos Tsioupros
Music: Marta Sofia Gomes Dias
Technique: 2D
Production: UWE Bristol School of Animation


Aira Joana, Luca Struchen, Nicolas Roth, Pirmin Bieri

Troubled by his own reoccurring transformations, a restless backpacker seeks his place in the world. Through a mysterious encounter in a concrete building in the midst of a barren swampland, he hopes to have finally found such a place.

Switzerland | 2018 | 8’
Sessão STU3
Production: Hogeschule Luzern
Distribution: CUT-UP


Zuzana Čupová

A traditional Czech country wedding along with its folklore traditions.

Czech Republic | 2017 | 3’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Zuzana Čupová
Animation: Zuzana Čupová


Jérémie Becquer

Set in a contemporary society of mice and rats, Hubert, a young observing rat, recites slam poetry full of hope within his head as he passes by individualistic strangers in the Parisian metro. Hubert’s poetry remains optimistic and persistent, despite the harsh reality of the world he lives in.

France, Denmark | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU4
Animation: Pauline Champetier, Léonard Bismuth, Jérémie Becquer, Allan Michaut, Kristoffer Ager, Maria Sandvig
Video Editor: Léonard Bismuth
Sound: Thomas Richard Christensen, Oliver Vaupel, Emil Woxen Andersen
Technique: 2D
Production: The Animation Workshop
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Shadi Adib

In a market place, a group of men heatedly discuss how to kill the animal in the mouse trap. One after the other, they try to trump each other’s sadistic fantasies. But as the macabre game unfolds and spirals out of control, both victim and tormentor suffer the same fate.

Germany | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Simon Thummet, Shadi Adib
Animation: Shadi Adib, Kim Liersch
Video Editor: Luis Schoeffend
Sound: Marc Fragstein
Music: Marius Kirsten
Technique: Drawing on paper
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Distribution: AG Animationsfilm, Fabian Driehorst


Silvia Bassoli, Giacomo D’ancona, Maria Virginia Moratti

The film is dedicated to the land and the people of the Emilia region, shaken by the earthquake in 2012.

Italy | 2018 | 8’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Silvia Bassoli
Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Piemonte – Animazione



What does it feel like to have a puzzle but not having all the pieces to finish it and not being able to give up on it? Duality plays an important role in this never-ending puzzle that is living as a half-full, half-empty person.

Portugal | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Elmano
Animation: Elmano
Video Editor: Elmano
Sound: Elmano
Technique: 2D
Production: Universidade Lusófona


Jeanne Girard

There’s this image of the button, the boil, the acne that persists? “My Life as a Toad” is the testimony of a man with withered skin, which time abyss and yet regenerates. Man or Toad? The boundary between the two species is vague, and it’s like the animal is a substitute for the man, and the man a substitute for the animal.

France | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Jeanne Girard
Animation: Jeanne Girard
Video Editor: Jeanne Girard
Sound: Jean Fournier
Music: Jean Fournier
Technique: 2D
Production: Ecole Pivaut


Lina Šuková

Lina is a girl living in the fear of monsters hiding in the dark underneath her bed. One day, the shadows from under the bed eat her up and Lina sinks into the dark forest where she meets a she-wolf. Lina learns that the forest isn’t as scary as she imagined it to be and that the she-wolf is rather a friend than a dangerous enemy.

Slovakia | 2017 | 8’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Lina Šuková, Dominika Petríková
Animation: Lina Šuková, Kristína Saganová, Katarína Kočanová
Video Editor: Petra Hoťková
Sound: Natália Jancová
Music: Pablo Pico
Production: FTF VŠMU


Rosa Beiroa

“In Our Skin” is a celebration of nudity and freedom of women within their own bodies. It is a film about form, volume and shape, from the beauty of a fold of skin to the delicacy of a touch. The film highlights the exceptional and extraordinary that lies within the seemingly routine gestures of undressing and creates a connection with often overlooked feelings and sensations.

United Kingdom | 2017 | 4’
Sessão STU4
Animation: Rosa Beiroa
Video Editor: Rosa Beiroa
Sound: Susanne Aubert
Music: Susanne Aubert
Technique: 2D
Production: Rosa Beiroa at London College of Communication


Alexandre Nart, Mederic Prevost, Aurel Coudert, Maxime Lacombe, Roch Tastet

A spark of humanity in the Vietnam War’s chaos.

France | 2017 | 4’
Sessão STU4
Animation: Mederic Prevost, Aurel Coudert, Roch Tastet
Sound: Sylvain Pierre
Music: Alexandre Nart
Production: ECV BORDEAUX


Bogdan Anifrani

The journey of a light emitting being through a dark and ancient world ridden with forgottenknowledge. What is the purpose for this creature’s existence? Does it have a purpose to begin with?

Canada | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU4
Animation: Bogdan Anifrani
Video Editor: Bogdan Anifrani
Sound: Bogdan Anifrani, Vid Cousins
Music: Xander Simmons


Hila Einy, Noy Bar, Yoav Aluf

A crisis in a young woman’s life forces her to return to her parents’ home. Her reappearance shakes the delicate balance in the family nest.

Israel | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Hila Einy, Noy Bar, Yoav Aluf
Animation: Hila Einy, Noy Bar, Yoav Aluf
Video Editor: Hila Einy, Noy Bar, Yoav Aluf
Sound: Ilan Admon
Music: Yotam Aluf
Technique: Objects, 2D, Stop motion
Production: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design


Holly Warburton

The central character is a solitary figure with a sketchbook, who quietly wanders through a city at night while sketching. He notices people together, people alone and people left behind. The story is simple, capturing a relatable slice of life in London through the eyes of a man and his sketchbook.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Holly Warburton
Animation: Holly Warburton
Sound: Holly Warburton
Music: Monplaisir


Celina Garrido Villafañe

After spending much time apart, Linnae and Sycamore rejoice once again, cherishing every moment they have till it was time to part ways. Sycamore, unable to say his goodbye to his beloved, tries to stop the seasons from changing, creating a great problem that could hurt them both.

Puerto Rico | 2017 | 3’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Celina Garrido Villafañe
Production: Celuna Garrido Villafañe


Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino, Vanessa Santos

On a balcony, a man smokes nervously. When he comes back inside, an unknown woman provokes him, bringing him on an introspective journey. Despite of his insecurity, the man lets himself be carried by this woman and be brought to his true self.

Portugal | 2018 | 6′
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino, Vanessa Santos
Animation: Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino, Vanessa Santos
Video Editor: Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino, Vanessa Santos
Sound: Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino, Vanessa Santos
Music: Tomás Almeida
Technique: 2D
Production: Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Portalegre


Markus Graf, Simon Ott

A mechanic performs maintenance on a racing car. His thoughts return to an unforgettable Grand Prix in Monaco. As he recalls his most critical memories, his past catches up with him.

Switzerland | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU4
Screenplay: Markus Graf, Simon Ott
Animation: Markus Graf, Simon Ott
Video Editor: Markus Graf, Simon Ott
Sound: Rhoda Berger, Simon Ackermann, Christof Steinmann
Music: Martin Schenker
Technique: 3D
Production: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Distribution: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Alžběta Göbelová

The short animated documentary, captures the search of an amateur undead filmmaker. In the complicated world, in-between the earth and heaven, where it is clear at first sight how each one died, the ghost tries to find his own death experience. His friends from the therapy group are helping him with the shooting and with his own atonement as well.

Czech Republic | 2017 | 10’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Alžběta Göbelová
Animation: Alžběta Göbelová
Video Editor: Lucie Plaširybová
Sound: Ivo Repčík
Music: Michael Lužný
Production: Zuzana Dědochová


Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier

Finn has stains on his skin. One day, he meets a group of cool kids with different stains on their bodies. One day, he understands that these stains aren’t just pretty.

France | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Mélanie Lopez
Animation: Simon Boucly, Chan Stéphie Peang
Video Editor: Mélanie Lopez
Sound: Henri Petitprez, Kamal Ouazene
Music: Valentin Lafort
Technique: 3D
Production: Supinfocom Rubika
Distribution: Je Regarde, Patrick De Carvalho


Maryna Miliushchanka

A girl, whose only treasure is a painted Easter egg, is shocked, as her grandmother puts a freshly slaughtered chicken on the table. Confronted with death for the first time, she leaves the house, questioning her tranquil life, only to face a new tragedy that will force her to give up her treasures. An allegorical journey to freedom and growing up.

Germany | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Maryna Miliushchanka, Tetyana Zolotopupova
Animation: Maryna Miliushchanka
Video Editor: Maryna Miliushchanka
Sound: Jonatan Schwenk
Technique: Puppets, Stop motion
Production: Kunsthochschule Kassel


Alessandra Boatto, Gloria Cianci, Sofia Zanonato

The Earth succumbed to pollution, everything submerged by a sea of ​​thin dark dust.

Italy | 2018 | 8’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Alessandra Boatto
Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Piemonte – Animazione


Nicholas Olivieri, Yi Shen, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu

In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called “Best Friend” which offers him perfect virtual friends.

France | 2018 | 6’
Sessão STU5
Animation: Juliana De Lucca, Yi Shen, David Feliu, Nicholas Olivieri
Sound: Nadège Feyrit, Cédric Denooz
Music: Arthur Dairaine
Technique: 2D, 3D
Production: GOBELINS
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Filipa Burmester

Juma is a boy who lives in Quelimane, cut-off from the world and deprived from various possibilities, many times taken for granted. He dreamed of becoming a writer. Like him, a lot of children do not have the opportunity of pursuing their dreams; therefore, this movie focuses on honoring these children.

Portugal | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Filipa Burmester
Animation: Filipa Burmester
Video Editor: Filipa Burmester
Sound: Filipa Burmester
Music: Filipa Burmester
Technique: 2D, Photography
Production: Universidade Lusófona


Maria Manero Muro

“Patchwork” is the story of Loly, an 60 year woman who needs a liver transplant.Loly is housewife, artist, chef, psycologist and mother. The story is told by the donorwho gave his/her liver to her. How many organs does it need to be replaced to stop being yourself and becoming someonelse?

Spain | 2018 | 8’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Maria Manero Muro
Animation: Maria Manero, Laura Ávila, Gala Fiz, Blanca Monzonis, Maria Pulido, Andrea Cercós
Video Editor: Maria Manero
Sound: Maria Manero, John Grothier
Music: Nani García


Ali Aschman

A woman discovers her own fractured self in the room next door. Body Echo expresses psychological fragility and fragmentation of identity.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Ali Aschman
Animation: Ali Aschman
Video Editor: Ali Aschman
Sound: Ali Aschman and Kevin Langhamer
Music: Sarah Playford
Technique: Puppets
Production: Royal College of Art


Hannah Kirmes-Daly, Leonard Ermel

EU governments are implementing security-oriented policies to govern migration. Deporting migrants to their country of origin will not tackle nor change people’s needs to migrate. Tunisians re-migrate to Italy short after being deported, as the uncertainty of travel is preferred to the certainty of unemployment and poverty.

Germany | 2018 | 5’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Hannah Kirmes-Daly, David Leone Suber, Roshan De Stone
Animation: Leonard Ermel
Video Editor: Leonard Ermel
Sound: Holger Marseille
Production: David Leone Suber


Ewa Smyk

Strangers say goodbye to their “dearest friend”, Peter.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Bríd Arnstein
Video Editor: Gareth Pugh
Sound: João Fonte
Music: Will Turner


Gaspar Chabaud

The Little Red Riding Hood’s tale told on stage, under the spotlight and through the rhythm of Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski’s music.

Belgium | 2018 | 3’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Gaspar Chabaud
Animation: Gaspar Chabaud
Video Editor: Gaspar Chabaud
Sound: Victoire Joliff, Loïc Frere, Andrew Girard
Music: Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski
Technique: 2D
Production: Atelier de production ENSAV La Cambre
Distribution: ADIFAC


Brenda Lopez

“ABEO” is a hard hitting mixed media animated short that depicts the journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risked their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search for a better life.

Canada | 2018 | 7’
Sessão STU5
Sound: Nick Lavigne
Music: Adrian Gutierrez


Mizuki Kiyama

The borderland between sleeping and waking is the moment when the daughter melds into her father.

Japan | 2018 | 2’
Sessão STU5
Screenplay: Mizuki Kiyama
Animation: Mizuki Kiyama
Video Editor: Mizuki Kiyama
Sound: Naoko Kagata
Technique: Drawing on paper
Production: Tokyo University of the Arts
Distribution: Tokyo University of the Arts


Do Thi Ngan Giang

A man, while looking for his dog, stumbles upon a magical world of dreams. The maincharacter, through the journey, discovers himself and his unwavering determination to be united with his beloved pet. The film pays homage to René Magritte, the master of illusions, dreams and the uncanny.

Singapore | 2018 | 4’
Sessão STU5
Animation: Do Thi Ngan Giang
Sound: Oliver Tab Bellman
Music: Oliver Tab Bellman