Alžběta Burešová | Czech Republic | 2016 | 5’

An animated slapstick (comedy) short film about malicious shadow and his miserable owner. What happens when a shadow doesn’t want to be a shadow anymore?


The Box

Merve Cirisoglu Cotur | United Kingdom| 2016 | 7’

The precious belonging of a Syrian kid is a box, which is used for various purposes as a toy, a home and a boat respectively. A film by Merve Cirisoglu Cotur.



Dato Kiknavelidze | Georgia, Germany | 2017 | 13’

A grumpy toad and his neighbors are forced to seek a new habitat. Geno cares only of himself. But he´ll realize that only in collaboration they´ll be able to survive.



Dominik Schön, Steffen Oberle, Enzio Probst | Germany | 2016 | 3’

In a peaceful paperworld inhabited by animals, a deer family is living together. The peace is disturbed by a fire at night, forcing the animals to flee.


Hedgehog’s Home

Eva Cvijanović | Croacia | 2017 | 10’

In a lush and lively forest lives a hedgehog. However, its devotion to his home annoys a quartet of beasts that march towards it to see what´s so precious.



Lucija Mrzljak | Estonia | 2016 | 2’

Life is difficult in the corner, where all the edges meet. Everything is geometrically relative when laws of perspective and gravity start playing tricks on you.


Land Without Evil

Katalin Egely | Hungary, Argentina | 2017 | 4’

Based on Guaraní mythology, the film offers another point of view on paradise: what if the real paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of everything?


Leave a Print

Christina S. Nerland | United Kingdom | 2016 | 5’

A family of arctic foxes learn to cope with the fact that one of them is fading away. A story about losing and remembering. A film from Christina S. Nerland.


That’s cool

Maria Madelaire Forná |Denmark | 2016 | 1’

Imagine if a heavy metal rock band makes an advert for saving the rainforest. This is the story of this short film from director Maria Madelaire Forná.


Tiny Troopers

Pauline Champetier | Denmark | 2016 | 1’

Tiny troopers gather forces to heal the wounded rainforest; however, the problem is ultimately too large for the animals to fix without help.