Thursday 28 | 22h00 | Cinema City Alvalade | Sala 2

BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA, Marv Newland, Canada, 1969, 2′
SING BEAST SING, Marv Newland, Canada, 1981, 9′
THE BUTTERFLY, Dieter Mueller, Canada, 1982, 2′
ANIJAM, Marv Newland, Canada, 1984, 10′
LUPO THE BUTCHER, Danny Antonucci, Canada, 1987, 3′
DOG BRAIN, J. Falconer, Canada, 1988, 3′
BLACK HULA, Marv Newland, Canada, 1988, 5′
WADDLES, Dan Collins, Canada, 1989, 3′
PINK KOMKOMMER, Marv Newland, Canada, 1991, 11′
EXPLODIUM, Peter MacAdams, Canada, 2001, 3′
FRIDAY NIGHT IDIOT BOX, Bruce Wilson, Canada, 2001, 3′
BEIJING FLIPBOOK, Marv Newland, Canada, 2003, 3′
POSTALOLIO, Marv Newland, Canada, 2008, 5′
SCRATCHY, Marv Newland, Canada, 2016, 3′

The International Rocketship LTD animation studio was born in 1975 in Vancouver, Canada. For the first few years the studio produced 2D animated television commercials, motion graphics and program IDs. In 1979 production began on the animated short film, “Sing Beast Sing”, directed by Marv Newland, the founder of International Rocketship. This film was screened in many international animation and film festivals and won prizes in France, the USA and Canada. The success of this first animated short and the continued production of commercials and television IDs established the studio’s reputation in the world of animation. For over 40 years Rocketship has been making animated short films. In Canada, only the National Film Board of Canada animation studio has made more animated short films than International Rocketship.

This year’s MONSTRA Animation Festival is generously presenting this retrospective of animated films produced at the Rocketship studio during the past 35 years. These 14 animated films were created by different directors and have many different styles of design and content.