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Saturday, March 23rd
| 11:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA 3
Saturday, March 23rd
| 10:30 | Museu Nacional de Etnologia | SALA 2
Sunday, March 24th
| 11:00 | Cinema São Jorge | SALA 3
Sunday, March 24th
| 10:30 | Museu Nacional de Etnologia | SALA 2
Saturday, March 30th
| 11:00 | Cinema City Alvalade | SALA 2
Saturday, March 30th
| 10:30 | Museu Nacional de Etnologia | SALA 2
Sunday, March 31st
| 11:00 | Cinema City Alvalade | SALA 2


Aagje Van Damme

Francis has worked with his mother Bertha his whole life. But she suddenly dies and he has to take care of the family business by himself.

Belgium | 2018 | 7’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Lotte Ogiers, Aagje Van Damme


Iveta Kotačková

Czech Republic | 2017 | 7’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Iveta Kotačková
Animation: Iveta Kotačková
Video Editor: Libor Nemeškal
Sound: Jan Živocký
Music: Jan Živocký


Lyvia Marchetti, Charles Husson

On the holy Day of Offerings, one little mouse arrives too late at the temple to present her gift of faith. As the doors are closing, she slips in at the last second – and discovers what no mouse was ever meant to see.

France | 2017 | 3’
Session PF1
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D
Production: ECV Bordeaux
Distribution: Yummy Films


Edward Bulmer

“Hedgehog” follows the mundane life of Gareth, a 28-year-old man that wants desperately to break out of his routine and experience the world. The film explores how Gareth has always been held back since childhood by his debilitating sense of self-doubt… which manifests in the form of a hedgehog.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 11’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Edward Bulmer, Mohsen Shah, Jona Thompson
Production: Jona Thompson


Andrea Mannino, Sara Burgio, Giacomo Rinaldi

Donald, a white nationalist, cannot stand the arrival of the new neighbours, while his little daughter can’t wait to play with a new friend. In a funny 1930s-style atmosphere, the film questions about our possibility of integration and peaceful coexistence.

Italy | 2018 | 6’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Andrea Mannino
Production: Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia, Piemonte – Animazione


Mareika Greiss

Two girls meet at a bus stop, but when one of them discovers that her friend is in need of help, she has to overcome her own insecurity.

Germany | 2018 | 8’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Mareika Greiss
Animation: Mareika Greiss
Video Editor: Timo Becker
Sound: Raimund Förnzler, Maximilian-Joseph Dichtl
Music: Markus Götze


Noemi Valentiny, Vojtech Dockal

Czech Republic | 2018 | 10’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Noemi Valentiny, Vojtech Dockal
Video Editor: Michal Orsava
Sound: Pavel Vrtel


Wang Kuo

For decades, kids in China have been singing “The Little Swallow.” Written in the 1950s, nowadays some themes in the song are outdated. Today, big factories and machines aren’t always a point of pride in society. They often symbolize pollution and noise… hardly a place fit for swallow to roost. That being said, it still is a beautiful song.

France | 2018 | 4’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Wang Kuo
Animation: Wang Kuo
Video Editor: Wang Kuo
Sound: Wang Kuo
Music: Open Source
Technique: 2D
Production: École Européenne Supérieure de L’image


Emmanuelle Gorgiard

Rosine, Marguerite, Clarisse and Aglae graze peacefully in their fields. They have never had the opportunity to go on an adventure and do not know much about the world around them. One beautiful spring morning, they unexpectedly discover a hairy creature in their meadow.

France, Belgium | 2018 | 9’
Session PF1
Screenplay: Emmanuelle Gorgiard
Animation: Souad Wedell, Jean-Marc Ogier, David Thomasse
Video Editor: Jean-Marie Le Rest
Sound: Nils Fauth
Music: Vincent Burlot
Technique: Puppets
Production: Vivement Lundi !
Distribution: France: Cinéma Public Films / International: Superights


Josué Agustin Advincola

A young boy searches for his lost ball and encounters a mysterious creature.

USA | 2018 | 3′
Session PF2
Screenplay: Josué Agustin Advincola
Animation: Josué Agustin Advincola
Sound: Steven Ramos
Music: Steven Ramos


Maria Steinmetz

The small mosquito Pieks freezes in winter. It needs a coat. First of all, it has to find out who can make a coat for it. Next, it notes that it has to pay for the coat. The small mosquito has however no money …

Germany | 2017 | 7’
Session PF2
Animation: Lydia Günther, Maria Steinmetz, Grigori Zurkan
Video Editor: Rudi Zieglmeier
Sound: Michael Buk
Music: Michael Buk
Production: Maria Steinmetz


Maike Mahira Koller

The animation film “Swim” is the story of an old woman who despite her age, still wishes to learn how to swim. Well equipped, the old woman first hesitates to step into the water but eventually is pulled into the sea by a big wave.Panicking, the old woman tries to keep herself above water but is crushed under water by the weight of the waves and pulled into the deep.

Germany | 2018 | 3’
Session PF2
Animation: Maike Mahira Koller, Emilia Reich, Sion Kim, Caty Davis Blättermann
Video Editor: Tobias Dietz
Sound: Lena Beck, Kenneth Rasek
Music: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Production: Malte Stehr


Salomé Bertolone-Lopez, Maxime Dartois, Marjorie Grinda, Zoé Guillet, Alissa Mazouz, Rébecca Wahler

Once upon a time there was a milk cow who’d never been outside her farm… One day, with the help of a little squirrel from the woods, she discovers wonders of a whole different life. However, the learning of freedom comes at a high price…

France | 2018 | 7’
Session PF2
Production: ENSI
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Zuzana Cupova, Filip Diviak

Mr. Gnome is sunbathing in his garden when, out of nowhere, a little cloud comes around and hides the sun. He gets very angry but luckily he knows exactly what to do.

Czech Republic | 2018 | 5’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Zuzana Cupova, Filip Diviak
Sound: Noemi Valentiny
Music: Noemi Valentiny, Filip Diviak


Diana Wey

Edmund, a grumpy penguin, flees his colony to be by himself, but has to protect his iceberg from Otto, a friendly polar bear who wants company.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 4’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Diana Wey
Animation: Diana Wey
Sound: Stefano Polidoro
Music: Vincent Ott


Melissa Pinto

Light trail is the story of a girl that finds a star while she is wondering in the forest. After they meet we see their journey to find their home.

United Kingdom | 2018 | 5’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Melissa Pinto
Animation: Patrycja Szypula, Melissa Pinto and Luisa Cruz
Video Editor: Melissa Pinto
Sound: Pamela Pinto
Music: Pamela Pinto
Technique: 2D
Production: University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) / Bristol School of Animation
Distribution: Melissa Pinto


Monika Tenhündfeld

Once they are uttered, words have an effect, no matter if fact or fake. Not even a cool little buzz-buzz like a bumblebee is immune to the results of spin as it flies by and happens to hear that – in terms of figures – it isn’t able to fly at all.

Germany | 2017 | 5’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Marcus Sauermann
Animation: Monika Tenhündfeld
Video Editor: Monika Tenhündfeld
Sound: Luis Schöffend
Music: Marius Kirsten
Technique: 3D
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


Melissa Kahn

Our story centers itself around Wednesday, a sock, who wakes up in the middle of the night to find that his partner, Wednesday 2, has left him. He rushes to the tumble dryer, where lies the portal to Sockworld, to try and track her down and remind her they are meant to be together. When he finds her, he tries to catch up to her, but eventually sees what he was not meant to see…

South Africa | 2017 | 5’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Melissa Kahn
Animation: Michelle Kao, Jason Nel, Chase Edmonds, Matthew Lindebaum, Keenan Lucas, Jason Nel
Video Editor: Jason Nel, Alex Rymill
Sound: Chante
Music: Kristy
Technique: 3D
Production: The Animation School (PTY) LTD


Anna Nemeckova

Czech Republic | 2018 | 4’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Anna Nemeckova
Sound: Jachym Nadvornik
Music: Jachym Nadvornik


Jean-Baptiste Marchand

Mr. Pic decided to live in the elevator in an old block of flats. However an old woman, Mrs. Houbs, who lives on the last floor, doesn’t accept that situation. She wants to be able to bring home her errands effortlessly, which means without taking the stairs. Who will have the last word ?

France | 2018 | 5’
Session PF2
Technique: 3D
Production: Estienne
Distribution: Miiyu Distribution


Yen-chen Liu, Ellis Kayin Chan, Zozo Jhen, Marine Varguy, Tena Galovic

A journey of a 7 year-old boy’s acceptance of his grandpa’s death, in a traditional Taiwanese funeral. After following all the steps of the ceremony, he has to find his own way to express those sentiments of losing someone. The entire film is hand-drawn, portraying a unique Taiwanese tale.

France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Croatia | 2018 | 6’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Yen-chen Liu, Zozo Jhen, Tena Galovic
Animation: Ellis Kayin Chan, Marine Varguy, Tena Galovic
Video Editor: Veronique Goupil
Sound: Mathieu Tiger
Music: David Kamp
Technique: Drawing on paper, 2D, 3D, Oil pastel
Production: GOBELINS – L’École de L’ Image
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Vaibhav Keswani, Jeanne Laureau, Colombine Majou, Morgane Mattard, Kaisa Pirttinen, Jong-Ha Yoon

A little boy speaks about hedgehogs all the time to everybody.

France | 2018 | 5’
Session PF2
Animation: Vaibhav Keswani, Jeanne Laureau, Morgane Mattard, Kaisa Pirttinen, Jong-Ha Yoon
Video Editor: Morgane Mattard
Sound: Yan Volsi, Daniel Gries
Music: Amin Goudarzi
Technique: 2D, 3D
Production: Gobelins
Distribution: Miyu Distribution


Kathryn Jankowski

A seemingly complacent crab is suddenly called to action by mysterious intentions and a chance encounter with an elusive bottle cap.

Canada | 2018 | 6’
Session PF2
Screenplay: Kathryn Jankowski
Technique: Stopmotion, Paper puppets


Jeroen Koelewijn

Short animation about the perfectionist owner of a cake shop. She works cheerfully on a fantastic birthday cake, until her day is ruined by a disgusting fly.

The Netherlands | 2018 | 4’
Session PF2
Sound: Max Oostveen, Maartje Lourens
Music: Tom Wolkers