Friday, March 22nd | 9:00 PM | Escola Superior de Música – Benfica


Camerata Gareguin Aroutiounian da Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa

Tokyo University of the Arts Center of Innovatio (COI)

Diretor Artístico | Artistic Director: Koji Yamamura

Equipa Media | Media Team: Noriko Koshida, Toshiyuki Kuwabara, Teruyo Uehira, Ryoya Usuha, Ann Yamamoto.

The Four Seasons” refers to the four concerti composed by Antonio Vivaldi and published in 1725 as part of “The Contest Between Harmony and Invention.” Bearing the names “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn”, and “Winter,” the works evoke rich imagery in the minds of listeners. In this project, four leading animation directors give visual form to Vivaldi’s musical world, some three centuries after Vivaldi presented his work to the world.
The artistic direction is of Koji Yamamura and counts on the participation of 4 other great masters: Anna Budanov (Spring); Priit Pärn & Olga Pärn (Summer); Atsushi Wada (Autumn)
Theodore Ushev (Winter).
The animation in this concert will be projected in alliance with live music performance using a dedicated video playback system which communicates with a music AI program. This program detects the current position of play by comparing live performance against a prelearned reference. The music AI program cues to the music, whereas the video playback system allows the human operator to take over the playback of animation. Enjoy a glimpse into the future of artistic expression featuring AI and human collaboration.