International Competition:

Best International Film
Body Memory – Ülo Pikkov

Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine. It remembers also the sorrow and pain of the predecessors, sustaining the stories of our parents and grandparents as well as their ancestors. But, how far back is it possible to go in the memory of the body?

Best Soundtrack
Sleep – Claudius Gentinetta and Frank Braun (Switzerland)

Honorable Mention (Soundtrack)
Romance – Georges Schwizgebel

Best TV Series and Best Film for Children and Youth
Dodu – o Rapaz de Cartão – José Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal)

Jury Special prize
Maska – Quay Brothers

Audience Award
Viagem a Cabo Verde – José Miguel Ribeiro

Best Portuguese Film
Viagem a Cabo Verde – José Miguel Ribeiro


Portuguese Competition:

Best Portuguese Film 2011/SPA Vasco Granja
O Sapateiro – David Doutel and Vasco Sá

Best Portuguese Film – Audience Award
Independência de Espírito – Marta Monteiro


Super Short Competition:

Best International Super Short
Sinestesia de Saudades – Eric Tortora Pato (USA)

Best Portuguese Super Short – Prémio Carl Zeiss
Ainda, o Natal – Cláudio Sá

Honorable Mention for Comic Film
Things You’d Better Not Mix Up – Joost Lieuwma

Honorable Mention for Experimental Film
The Line – Sjaak Rood

Honorable Mention for Poetic Film
Diary 2 Feelings – Tsivka Oren


Student Competition:

Best Portuguese Film (Youth Jury)
Camera Obscura – Marta Maia

Best International  Film (Youth Jury)
Promises – Aki Kono (Japão)

Youth: Hnorable Mention
One More Time – Tatyana Okruzhnova, Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Natasha Pavlycheva, Elena Petrova and Alina Yakhyaeva

Best Portuguese Film – Meo Award
Conservar – Colectivo Fotograma 24

Best International Film – Prémio Meo
We May Meet, We May Not – Skirma Jakaite (Lithuania)
The Renter – Jason Carpenter (USA)

Honorable Mention
The Box – Kyra Buschor
Shattered Past – Boris Sverlow

Best Film – Audience Award
Omerta – N. Loudot, F. Fiteni, A. Janvier and G. Roche

Onda Curta Award:
Nullarbor – Alister Lockhart and Patrick Sarell
About Killing the Pig – Simone Massi
Nightingales in December – Theodore Ushev

Honorable Mention
Ginjas – Zepe and Humberto Santana