Feature Film Competition:

Best Feauture Film – Grand Prix MONSTRA
Piercing 1 – Liu Jian

Due to the financial crisis, many factories in China are forced to close their doors in late 2008. Zhang Xiaojun loses his job in a shoe factory. One day, a supermarket guard beats him up, thinking Zhang is a thief. In vain, he asks the supermarket manager for financial redress. Zhang’s dearest wish is to return to his village and become a farmer. But right before his departure, the police arrest him. The supermarket manager also has his problems. On a moonlit night, the storylines converge in a teahouse near the city rampart.
Audience Award
The Illusionist – Silvain Chomet

Jury Special Prize
Life Without Gabriela Ferri – Pritt Pärn

Best Soundtrack
Chico & Rita – Javier Mariscal and Fernando Trueba


Student Competition:

Best Portuguese Short
Portuguese Stew – Natália Andrade

Best Short
Villiam – Vronika Obertova

Audience Award
Swimming Pool – Alexandra Hetmerová

Honorable Mentions
The Gallery – Robert Proch
Like Mother, Like Daughter – Alexandra Lukina
White no White – Anna Bergamn
Escape his Stare – C. Chen

Animation Center of Campinas Award
Conquistador Descobre – Ana Reis, Cláudio Sá and Tatiana Duarte

Student Competition (Youth Jury):

Best Portuguese Short
Journey to the Sunflower Field – Alexandre Siqueira

Best Short
Peacock Eye – Geralando Infuso

Honorable Mentions
Villiam – Vronika Obertova
Loom – I. Brunck, J. Bitzer and C. Letay


Super Short Competition:

Best Portuguese Super Short
The Skin on me – Teresa Cortez

Best Super Short
Agobago’s Dream – Borbála Tomp

Audience Award
Videologic – Donato Sansone

Honorable Mention
Videologic – Donato Sansone
White Tape – Michal and Uri Kranot

Onda Curta Award
Mobile – Verena Fells
Aleksander – Remy Dereux, Maxime Hilbon, Juliette Klauser, Raphaelle Ranson and Luise Seunhaeve
Plato – Léonard Cohen
Stanley Pickle, Stanley Picule – Victoria Matuga
Matatoro – Raphael Calamote, Mauro Carraro and Jeremy Pasquet
Hezarfen – Ari Tolga, Romain Blanchet, Remy Hurlin and Georges Huang
The Gallery – Robert Proch