Cinema São Jorge |  Sala Manoel Oliveira | Tuesday | 21 March | 22h00  (OV / sub. pt, en)
Cinema Ideal | Saturday | 25 March | 22h00 (OV / sub. pt, en)


The Anthem of the Heart
Tatsuyuki Nagai | Japan | 2015 | 115’

After her family broke up because of her unconscious words, a mysterious “fairy egg” appeared before little Jun Naruse. He assured her that the only way to never hurt anyone again was to silence her voice forever. Since then, Jun feels an intense stomach ache every time she tries to talk. She depends on e-mail and mobile messaging to communicate with others. At least until the day that her tutor includes her in a working group to put together a musical in collaboration with Takumi Sakagami, a young man who never talks about his feelings. The group also includes Natsuki Nito, an exemplary student concerned about her love life and Daiki Tasaki, a baseball star forced to retire due to an injury…


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