Free Entrance



Nick Park + Emanuel Nevado

10th/Mar | 3pm | Cinema São Jorge |  Sala 2 | Duration: 1h30m

The four times Oscar-winning Nick Park will talk about his most recent film and about his most iconic works: Creature Comforts and Wrong Trousers (which are turning 25 years old), which won him his first two Oscars.





Round Table AR – Augmented Reality | Animation Movies – Demonstration | 3pm-5pm

13th/Mar | 10am |  Cinema São Jorge |  Sala 2 | Duration: 3 hours

From games to cinema, animation is a transversal art to almost all the languages ​​that resort to the moving image. This year, the theme for the “beyond the screen” line-up is augmented reality (AR), including a round table and demonstrations. The relationship between animation cinema and new technologies has always existed, as animation itself is a new technology. Discussing, presenting and “touching” the relationship between animation and augmented reality is the goal of this panel discussion with world experts. During the festival, the audience will be able to experience AR projects.


Kunio Kato – his work

13th/Mar | 9:30pm | Cinema City Alvalade | Duration: 30 min

Before a retrospective on his films, the Oscar-winning Japanese director Kunio Kato will give a Talk about his work process and techniques used in his films. Buying the ticket for the Kunio Kato Retrospective film session is mandatory in order to be signed up for the Talk.




Stephan Jurgens and Roger Oliveira – 360º Performance – “Fifteen Dancers and Uncertain Time” | talk and presentation

14th/Mar | 10am  | Cinema São Jorge – sala 2 | Duration: 45 min

A team from Universidade Nova de Lisboa has been studying the methods of creating performers for 4 years. They created a new concept to study creative processes using a 360-degree camera, and interactive and animated annotations. Stephan and his team are launching and presenting a 360º video platform for the computer, mobile devices and VR glasses, stimulating the discovery of the ballet “Fifteen Dancers and Uncertain Time” by João Penalva and Rui Lopes Graça with the National Ballet Company. Conceived and realized by Stephan Jürgens and Roger Oliveira (Space Tailor), produced by Carla Fernandes (coordinator of BlackBox Arts & Cognition Project).


Pedro Vergani – Animation and Doodles

15th/Mar | 10am | Cinema São Jorge |  Sala 2 | Duration: 1 hour

Every day, we access Google and see an image and animation of an event or a famous person. Who makes it and how is it made? Pedro Vergani comes to MONSTRA to present and explain the secrets of these daily information.