Cinema City Alvalade | Sala 2 | Wednesday | 22 March | 22h (no dialogues)

chronopolis WEBChronopolis
Piotr Kamler | France |1988 | 52’

The film tells the story of Chronopolis, a giant city lost in outer space. Its inhabitants’ sole occupation and source of amusement is fabricating time. Far, far away, a mountain climber hangs from a cliff, then falls into the void. His trip through the atmosphere takes him to the outer reaches of Chronopolis. The long-awaited event is about to occur…



Cinema Ideal | Quinta-Feira | 16 de março | 22h00  (VO sub pt)
Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud | France | 2007 | 85´

Persepolis is the touching story of a little girl who grows up in Iran during the islamic revolution. It’s through Marjane’s eyes, a cynical extroverted 9-year-old, that we witness the destruction of a nation’s hope when extremists rise to power, forcing women to cover their faces and imprisoning thousands of people.



Cinema City Alvalade | Sala 2 | Monday | 20 March | 22h00  (PV)
Max e Companhia | Max & Co.
Samuel Guillaume, Frédéric Guillaume | Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Belgium | 2007 | 76´

15-year-old Max sets off for Saint-Hilare in search of his father, the famous troubadour Johnny Bigoude, who disappeared shortly before Max’s birth. When Max finally gets there, Saint-Hilare turns out to be the private kingdom of Bzzz & Co., infamous manufacturers of flyswatters, run by the degenerate Rodolfo. Musical virtuoso Max makes a big impression, especially on smart, lovely, resourceful Felicie, who convinces Rodolfo to hire him…