Cinema São Jorge | Sala Manoel de Oliveira| Friday | 24 March | 22h00 | 100’  (OV / sub. en)


Take it Easy – Jaws

João Miguel Real | Portugal | 2016| 27′

Easylab’s version and tribute to Steven Spielberg’s classic film “Jaws”.  A short film from portuguese director João Miguel Real from Take it Easy.





Bruno Caetano, Rui Telmo Romão | Portugal | 2016 | 5′

António Feliciano attempts to keep the magic of itinerant cinema alive, projecting in a stretched sheet at various town all over the south of Portugal.




Final Call

Sara Barbas | Portugal | 2016 | 12′

A love story about Catarina (a cat) who bumps into her old flame Diogo (a dog) at airport security. They have a very awkward conversation.





Gonçalo Encarnação, João Machado, Nuno Coelho, Yue Wang | Portugal | 2016 | 6′

A Portuguese short film from four directors about a story of an agitated child who is on a journey of self discovery and growth. 





Pedro Brito | Portugal | 2016 | 9′

A fable about the growing, discovery and conquest of a place in the world. A story of a rejected drawing looking for a purpose.



A Place in Nowhere

Bárbara de Oliveira, João Rodrigues | Portugal | 2016 | 6′

In 1975 Ema was expecting her first child in Angola. However, her tranquility was interrupted by a force that changed her life.




It Would Piss Me Off To Die So Yoooooung…

Filipe Abranches | Portugal | 2016 | 16′

Oh, little soldier, jaunting happily towards the war, you pay no heed to the red petal you carry, marking the ones who’ll fall.




It is necessary that I diminish

Pedro Serrazina | Portugal | 2016 | 4′

Music video for the Portuguese singer Samuel Úria. The lyrics use wordplay to sing about the need to get rid of physical and emotional baggage.



A Casa ou_site

The House or a Machine for Living In

Catarina Romano | Portugal | 2016 | 12′

People talking and everyday situations… These are the voices telling tales that the image unravels: rehearsing worlds that are house-being (or being-house).




What Doesn’t Kill You…

Alexandre Siqueira | Portugal | 2016 | 1′

“What Doesn’t Kill You…” is a film  from Portuguese director Alexandre Siqueira about a shy little fish wanders into the depths of the ocean.



End of Line

Paulo D’alva, António Pinto | Portugal | 2016 | 12′

A film based on real events that never happened, but that may happen, you never know…Any reality with purely coincidence is resemblance.




It Feels Good to Talk About Love

Jorge Ribeiro | Portugal | 2016 | 3′

Whenever we find our soul mate, all our day to day problems disappear. A story about an unlikely love! A film by director Jorge Ribeiro.




Darwin’s Cave

Joana Toste | Portugal | 2017 | 14′

The transmission of knowledge between mothers and daughters given by the memory of an experience which gives us that sense that allows us to live.