Cinema São Jorge | Sala Manoel de Oliveira | 16 March | 10:00pm | Portuguese Competition – Vasco Granja Award | 81’ (OV, sub. en)



Marta Monteiro | Portugal | 2017 | 10’20

In a village house, Maria, a young housemaid, wants to sleep. She is tired but she is constantly disturbed by crying of the child she takes care.



The Sounds From The Drawers

Vítor Hugo Rocha | Portugal | 2017 | 6’16

Within the drawers come sounds and images that offer a journey between the old and the new. Everything get combined and metamorphosed.




Paulo Patrício | Portugal | 2017 | 8’40

A recorded conversation between a mother and her 3 years old daughter who is recovering from kidney cancer. They talk openly about the illness.



Drop By Drop 

Laura Gonçalves, Xá | Portugal | 2017 | 9’15

The last habitants of a village refuse to let themselves sink into oblivion. In a world where progress appears to be above all, this home floats.




Joana Imaginário | Portugal | 2017 | 7’52

By mistake, she drinks the washing brushes water and becomes a drawing. We follow the Playmaker in its creative process as imagined course.



The Voyage 

João Filipe Horta Monteiro, Luís Daniel David Vital, Ricardo Jorge Aguiar Livramento | Portugal | 2017 | 3’41

Short film that tells a story of an introspective Voyage into the troubled life of a young adult with moments from his childhood to the present.



Taxes And Taxis

Joana Toste | Portugal | 2018 | 2’

A short-film from director Joana Toste, using 2D tecnique, that makes a tribute to economists, because they solve all our problems. Or not.




André Ruivo | Portugal | 2017 | 10’

Sequence of short humorous gags, with an ironic and nonsense mood, that seeks to highlight some clichés that are associated with the circus.



Ratio Between Two Volumes

Catarina Sobral | Portugal | 2018 | 8’

Everything remains within Mr. Full and nothing fulfills Mr. Empty. Mr. Full decides to confront his fears and Mr. Empty resolves to take a journey.



Others (Living Between Shadow And Light) 

Pedro Serrazina | Portugal | 2018 | 8’

Inspired by the prayers and the use of sand to supress the sound of the secret life of the crypto-jews from the North of Portugal, in the 15th century.



The Voyager

João Gonzalez| Portugal | 2017 | 4’ 39

“The Voyager” is about a pianist living in a big metropolis, who suffers from agoraphobia (irrational fear of leaving home/ public places).



Brief History Of Men And Toothpicks 

Daniel Medina | Portugal | 2017 | 1’50

A short-film from Daniel Medina that tells the story of the ephemeral relationship between a man and his toothpick during oral hygiene.