Cinema São Jorge | Sunday | 19 March | 14h30 (OV / sub. pt)



Lucky and Zorba
Enzo D’Alò | Italy | 1998 | 78’

Zorba and his friends will embark on a new adventure – that of raising a seagull, teaching it to feed itself, to fight off the rats, to fly and, above all, to discover who she really is. The work is based on the story “Historia de una gaviota y del gato que le enseñó a volar” by the chilean writer Luis Sepùlveda.




Cinema São Jorge | Saturday | 18 March | 14h30 (OV / sub. pt, en)


Enzo D’Alò | Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg | 2012 | 78’

“The wood carved into the puppet is humanity itself,” as Benedetto Croce once wrote. Pinocchio enters life like a child who, through ups and downs, wants to experiment the fable of human existence, made of good and evil, mistakes and redemption, recklessness and carefulness, egotism and generosity, trust and reticence.