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MONSTRINHA, already at the age of 18, but always a little girl.

At the age of 18, the majority is usually acquired. But there are exceptions. Despite her 18 years, MONSTRINHA remains a little girl as the city that witnessed her birth. Like the children who experience the visit and with it are filled with joy – thinking, crying, applauding, laughing, getting excited.

Despite her eighteen years, continues the same after many hundreds of hours of projections, nearly three thousand movies and more than half a million viewers.

Desiring to show, to teach, to invite, to receive more and more boys and girls, teenagers, teachers, families and to establish, year after year, several good friends in Lisbon, in Portugal and in the World.

MONSTRINHA happens in more than 100 schools of the greater Lisbon area, but also in Cascais, Loures, Barreiro, Almada, Leiria, Vila Real (Trás-os-Montes) and throughout the year across many cities, towns and villages in Portugal. MONSTRINHA has inherited, in her Lusitanian blood, this enthusiasm for traveling, presenting herself annually in Germany, Austria, France, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Mozambique and numerous other countries in the world.

In 2017, we brought to more than 15,000 children, young people and families, the magic of animation cinema. We want to delight children, teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents and all those who find in MONSTRINHA’s programs unique moments in their life.

18 years later, MONSTRINHA continues a little girl… beautiful, intelligent, active and interventional, as the films she presents. BIG, sensitive and emotional like the heart of all who are annually a visit.

Fernando Galrito
(Artistic Director of MONSTRINHA)