Program 1

Cinema Ideal | Sunday | 19 March | 11h00 | 65’ (PV)
Cinema São Jorge | Sala 3| Sunday | 26 March | 11h00 | 65’ (PV)




Helene Letourneur | France | 2016 | 3´

French film directed by Helene Letourneur about Autumn. In the four seasons workshop, Mister Autumn prepares his season, using his tools on the Earth model.



Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service: Damsel in Distress

Karim Rhellam, Kim Claeys | Belgium | 2016 | 12’

When a not so charming Prince slays the dragon guarding a fairy tale Princess, she promptly orders a new one with the Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service.



Go To City ELE

Wenyu Li | China | 2015 | 9´

A little pig from rural ‘P town’ goes off to live in the Metropolis. But he finds out that a small-town pig isn’t always welcome amongst the elephants who live in ‘City ELE’.



The Cat and its Artist

Maike Koller | Germany | 2015 | 6’

While trying to catch a pigeon, a cat accidentally jumps through an open window and lands in the apartment of an artist. To help the artist, the cat begins to paint.



Old Bear 

Chen Chen | France | 2016 | 12´

An old bear lives in an apartment, with a young lady. Even though she takes care of him, he becomes impossible to control as he starts to dream about the forest.


ChristmasDinnersaurs_HD1358 Christmas Dinnersaurs

Kamil Kuklo | Poland | 2015 | 2´

According to the old tradition, when the first star appears in the sky it’s time to start a Christmas dinner. Unfortunately for them, things are just about to fire up a little…



The New Adventures of Pat and Mat – Orange Juice

Marek Beneš | Czech Republic | 2016 | 8´

Pat and Mat have been best neighbors for 40 years. Since 1976 that these neighbors make children laugh. Today, they decide to look back at their crazy life.




Tatiana Juskewycz, Benoît Leloup, Franck Menigoz, Zoé Nérot, Charlotte Poncin | France | 2016 | 5´

In this French short film produce by ArtFx, Keiro is a young girl travels with a gigantic creature which accompanies her until she reaches adulthood.




Catherine O’Brien | Ireland | 2016 | 5´

This film directed by Catherine O’Brien tells the story of “Bán”, a naive white wolf who goes on a quest to find food in prehistoric Ireland.


quaestion to my fingers still Question To My Fingers

Ineke Goes | The Netherlands | 2015 | 1´

In this short film, five fingers talk about what they will become when they get older. This film is commissioned by Sesamstraat/NTR.


vlcsnap-2016-07-26-12h36m41s39 SelfieCat

Geoffrey Assie, Emeline Bernard, Elsa Divet | France | 2016 | 3´

Victoire, a 14 year old girl, tries to take a selfie with her cat, Cupcake. The problem is, Cupcake urgently needs to get to his litter box.


Program 2

Cinema São Jorge | Sala Manoel de Oliveira | Saturday | 18 March | 11h00 | 65’ (PV)
Cinema City Alvalade |  Sala 2 | Sunday | 26 March | 14h | 65’ (PV)



A The Sound of the Sea

Fabien Collet, Fanny De Carvalho, Arnaud Douzal, James Nardelli, Lea Rossi, Zarah Towey | France | 2016 | 5´

A poor Sicilian family of moles has to emigrate to the United States. On their journey, they meet a fox who offers to help them.



Way of Giants

Alois Di Leo | Brazil | 2016 | 12’

“Way of Giants” is a poetical search for purpose that follows the story of Oquirá, a 6 year old indigenous girl, as she confronts the cycle of life.


Copy of vlcsnap-2016-07-26-12h25m52s219

Knight to meet you

Antoine Fromager, Laurie Bogdel, Loïc Resplandy, Lucas Godineau, Mathieu Astruc, Nicolas Canot | France | 2016 | 4´

In this  French short film produced by ArtFx and made by 6 directors, an idiot knight wants to rescue a princess but he will face a huge obstacle.


muddy waters 424.docadaer3

Muddy Waters

Ana-Marija Vidaković | Croatia | 2016 | 12’

Two identical fish, different life paths, but identical destinies. This film raises the question of how important the story is to proclaim something as art.



Café D’Amour

Benedikt Toniolo | Germany | 2016 | 8´

A short film by Benedikt Toniolo set in the golden twenties, Café D’Amour is a spirited, magical café aiming cupid´s arrow at lonely visitors.


shuma_site Charlie’s Buck Teeth

Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Chao-Hao Yang, Camille Verninas | France | 2016 | 6´

Charlie, a boy with ridiculous big teeth, always hides behind his scarf. His scarf flies away, forcing him to look for it and embark on a journey!



Where’s Ronald?

Jorn Leeuwerink, Robin Aerts, Emma van Dam | The Netherlands | 2016 | 7´

Ralph gets a little rabbit for his birthday. But then he finds Ronald missing from his cage. So what does he do? He goes after him! !


BoyLostStill Between the Trees

Frank Harper | United Kingdom | 2016 | 5´

A boy finds himself lost in a forest. He crosses paths with a peculiar creature who turns out to be more helpful than he first appears.


set_01 Swiff
Alexis Agliata, Théo Bonora, Arnaud Bellour, Thibaud Gambier, Juliana Berckmans, Romain Lavoine | France | 2016 | 7´

An alien spaceship breaks down and crashes on earth. Its pilot, an alien who hates dirt, goes through this terra incognita looking for fuel.