Damaris Zielke | Germany | 2016 | 11’

“Shadowfox” is a short film about a little fox that unexpectedly meets his shadow. Together they romp through the forest and play hide and seek.


Two Trams

Svetlana Andrianova | Russia | 2016 | 10’

Each day, the young tram makes its rounds with the older tram. But one day his old teacher is missing and the young tram searches feverishly the whole city.



Avid Liongoren | Philipines | 2016 | 4’

A short-film from the philipine director Avid Liongoren that tells a story about a little girl that searches all over the city for her lost dog, Momo.


The Pocket Man

Ana Chubinidze | France, Switzerland, Georgia | 2016 | 7’

A little man lives in an old suitcase and finds a new friend – an old blind man. He jumps into the blind man’s pocket and helps him to walk safely in the street.


Doll’s Letters

Natalia Grofpel | Russia | 2016 | 7’

A film from Natalia Grofpel about a little girl loses her favorite doll, and, in order to soothe the child, an unfamiliar postman invents an incredible story.