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18 March | 10h00| Cinema São Jorge | Sala 2
Animation and Virtual Reality


19 March | 14h00 | Cinema São Jorge | Sala 2
 Animation and Video Games Panel

Animation is an art that’s virtually transversal to all mediums that relate to moving images. The industry that holds the most technological and economical means is undoubtedly the video game industry, where animation plays an increasingly important role due to faster clock speeds and high quality image definition on consoles, computers and online communication.

This panel discussion addresses the different ways animation interacts with an industry that’s presently expanding in creativity and economically.

Through discussion and interaction, we plan to encourage the debate among videogame developers, animators, teachers and software developers in order to share knowledge with every attendee – general public and students and artists, in particular – on an animation field that’s greatly expanding.

The panel will have the following participants:
Nelson Zagalo  – moderator

Nelson Zagalo is a professor of interactive media at the Universidade do Minho, co-directs the research group engageLab, and is a founding member of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências dos Videojogos.  He is the editor of the blog Virtual Illusion, author of the book Emoções Interactivas, do Cinema para os Videojogos” and “Videojogos em Portugal – História, Tecnologia e Arte”. He is also the editor of Virtual Worlds and Metaverse Platforms: New Communication and Identity Paradigms (2011) and Creativity in the Digital Age (2015).

Rui Guedes

I have worked for a few years on corporate solutions development, did some R&D on the field of robotics and AI (subject of my master’s thesis). Then I’ve decided that I needed some excitement on my life and turned to Indie game/VR dev. First on mobile and now on PC/Consoles.  I’ve been working with VR since 2013, focusing on Immersion and Design-For-VR paradigms. As of 2016, I have also been exploring use-cases and overall prototyping for the Microsoft Hololens.

Filipe Luz

Filipe Costa Luz has a PhD in Communication Sciences from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he’s a teacher of post-production for cinema and animation and videogames. He codirects the motion capture laboratory MovLab (Interface and interaction laboratory) at the Universidade Lusófona and has published the book “Jogos de Computador e Cinema” and participates in visual communication projects for the entertainment and publicity market.

Tiago Loureiro

Tiago Loureiro is a professional with more than twenty years of experience in IT, who has been working in the video game industry for the last thirteen years. With a background in Artificial Intelligence, he has spent the last few years leading video game development teams for many different platforms, from consoles to smartphones.

Nélio Codices

Co-founder and Director of Battlesheep, a video game development studio founded in 2008 and focused on gaming for mobile devices and the web. He is also a Guest Professor at the Universidade Europeia and Universidade Lusófona, a trainer at Restart and at World Academy, teaching various video game disciplines.


21 March | 10h30 | Cinema São Jorge | Sala 2 | Duration 2h00
Ed Hooks | Acting for Animators

Ed Hooks, teacher and author of the book “Acting for Animators”, will talk a little about his background as an actor and acting teacher, and share his thoughts on the future of animation.  He will also present essential acting principles that are necessary for strong character performance and will also perform an analysis on the acting in an animated scene. To wrap things up, there will be a Q&A session.


21 March | 15h00 | Fnac Chiado | Duration 1h00
Ed Hooks | Talks with… at Fnac do Chiado

In this session, Ed Hooks, professor and author of the book “Acting for Animators”, will share some of his story and will explain how he managed to publish his book. Fernando Galirto, the Artistic Director of MONSTRA – Lisbon Animation Festival, will also be present in this conversation.


23 March| 14h00 | Cinema São Jorge | Sala 2
Claude Barras | Talk with the director of the film Ma Vie de Courgette

Before making his first feature film, “My Life as a Zucchini”, Claude Barras directed several short films, including “The Genie in a Ravioli Can”, which received numerous awards in film festivals around the world. Claude Barras’ unique connection with childhood transcends time and age differences; he has the rare gift of being able to make you laugh and cry at the same time. His stories are filled with realism and fantasy, humor and poetry. He was the impetus for adapting Gilles Paris’ “Autobiography of a Courgette” into a stop-motion animation film.


23 March| 18h30 | Cinema São Jorge | Sala 2 | Duration 1h00
Katie McculloughFestival Formula Strategy and How to Choose the Right Festivals for Your Movie

Katie McCullough’s talk will teach you all there is to know about the work Festival Formula does to help filmmakers choose the best festivals for their films. In this 40 minute talk you’ll grasp the importance of developing a strong festival strategy.


24 March| 18h30 | Cinema São Jorge | Sala 2
Round Table | Distribution Strategies in the Independent Circuit and Festivals

Guests Katie McCullough, Stefano Savio, Salette Ramalho and Hemant Sharda will discuss the best distribution strategies for the Festival circuit.


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Price – 15€ (with lunch on Friday and Saturday) or 5€ (Meeting and documentation)

17 and 18 March | 9h00 to 18h00 | Escola Secundária D. Dinis
3rd International Meeting


The target public of this meeting are teachers, animators, educators, workshops, schools and all those who use or want to use Animation Cinema as a pedagogical and artistic tool.

For six years, MONSTRA – Lisbon Animation Film Festival promotes, in collaboration with the Center of Formation of Schools António Sérgio and the grouping of schools Don Dinis, the International Meeting of Workshops and Teachers of Animation Cinema. The meetings are aimed to trainers, animators and teachers who use or want to use animation cinema as a pedagogical and artistic tool. In 2017 we hold the third edition of this biennial event.

The meetings aim to present animation cinema as art, aesthetics and a non-formal pedagogical way of relating the innumerable knowledge’s that are studied in the school context.

In 2017, the meetings bring to Lisbon Danish, Indian, Spanish, Italian, French, Belgian and Portuguese specialists.

Based on these experiences and the accumulated know-how of the different national and international trainers, we intend to bring together the main actors of these workshops spread around the world to showcase their work, discuss methodologies, hold workshops and create dynamics that contribute to strengthening the work of art education through the art of animation cinema.

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