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Masterclass Enzo D’Alò – From Book to Film: Writing the Screenplay

17/Mar | 10h00 | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration 2h00

There are big differences between writing a book and writing a screenplay based on it. How to change the design and dialogue of a story without changing the original’s story? How to make a story, written solely to be read, become our own? How to close the gap between written word and the visual rules of a movie? With two films as examples “La Gabbianella e il Gatto” and “Pinocchio”, both taken from the books of two great writers, we will learn how the original text transformed itself into screenplay.

Enzo d’Alò (Naples, 1953) has been, since 1980, the author of several animated films, videos and TV series. He won numerous  awards at national and international film festivals.



AndreaM 200

Masterclass Andrea Martignoni – Sound Landscape in Animation Shorts

22/Mar | 10h00 | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration 1h45

In this Masterclass, Andrea Martignoni will show us how he started making soundtracks while revealing his work and guiding the audience through his world of sounds for animation.

Andrea Martignoni was born in Bologna, in 1961, and graduated both in musicology with a thesis on soundtrack in animation, and in geography with a thesis on soundscape. He is a performer, sound designer and animation historian. He works closely with several international festivals by giving lectures, classes and workshops on animation and soundtrack. He taught animation history at the Academy of Fine Arts, Palermo, and at the IULM in Milan.




Giannalberto Bendazzi's headshot 200

Masterclass Giannalberto Bendazzi – A Very Concise History of Animation – The Beginning

23/Mar | 10h00 | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration 3h00

Giannalberto Bendazzi will tell you a story: the story of animation. He will tell you how, among the many tricks that filmmakers used, a very special illusion was born: the frame-by-frame technique. With it, drawings could  move on their own, as if touched by magic. In 1928, a young American producer synchronized the scenes of an animated film with sound. His name was Walt Disney, and the title of that film was “Steamboat Willie” and its star was called Mickey Mouse. In 1951, the style Disney developed, which seemed the only way to make animation at the time, was challenged by a smart little company: UPA. The characters and the backgrounds were simplified and two dimensional and the animation was stylized as well: UPA was championing limited animation.




Masterclass Jean-François Laguionie – Sketch of an animated film

24/Mar | 10h00 | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration 2h00

In this masterclass, Jean-François Languionie will discuss the artistic preparation of some of his films, among which,”Louise en Hiver”.

Jean-François Laguionie majored in design and theater. From 1964 to 1972, he directed his first short films, first in Paul Grimault´s studios and afterwards in Cévennes, where, in 1979, he started his own studio. From 1984 to 2000, he founded and co-directed La Fabrique Production and directed his first feature films. He has lived in Bretagne since 2005.




Masterclass Ted Sieger – Finding Your Own Style: An Infinite Journey – CANCELED

24/Mar | 14h00 | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration 3h00

In this masterclass, Ted Sieger will address, in a slightly chaotic fashion, his unique style in his early films, and his not so early films, and then his almost recent films, and, finally, his recent films. Ted’s tips and tricks will be included.

Born in 1958, he grew up in Chile, Peru, Australia and Switzerland. He creates designs, writes, directs and produces animation (shorts, TV Series and a feature). He has made tons of films that have travelled all over the world. Some of his films: “Ted Sieger’s Wildlife”, “Altair”, “The Fourth King” and “Molly Monster”. He teaches animation and storytelling at HSLU Luzern, Switzerland and at La Poudrière, France. He lives in Switzerland and has just bought new skis.