Enrolment fee:  5€ (2,5€ for students)



Masterclass Emanuel Nevado – Exclusive for students/professors with stopmotion protects

9th/Mar | 10am | Universidade Lusófona | Duration: 2 hours

On this masterclass, after the premiere of the film Early Man in Portugal, at Cinema São Jorge, the Portuguese animator will show the puppets with which he worked during this film, and talk about his experience in this and other Aardman and Walt Disney films on which he worked.




Masterclass Koji Yamamura and French Musicians – Music and animation

14th/Mar | 3pm | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration: 2h30m

Featuring composer Catherine Verhelst and playwright Hervé Tougeron. Since 2008, Oscar-winning Koji Yamamura has directed works that are deeply linked with music, having worked with different composers. In MONSTRA, he will talk about those works, especially about Water Dream, an animated poem about whales. Composer Catherine Verhelst and playwright Herve Tougeron will also be present.



Masterclass Paul Driessen – The stories behind the films – Sold Out

15th/Mar | 3pm | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration: 2h30m

One of the questions that animation film creators are asked most often is: “Where do ideas come from?” Paul Driessen, who has already created almost thirty short films, tries to answer this question through a retrospective of his work. Through his experience, Paul is able to categorize the films in sections and identify the thought process behind each of them. His masterclass will present clips of some of his films to show the differences between the original inspiration and the finished product.


Masterclass Priit Tender – Dreams and Maggots – Sold Out

16th/Mar | 10am | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration: 1h30m

The Estonian animator Priit Tender has created many animation films based on folktales. The stories from tribes such as the Itelmen, Mapuche and Chukchi have origins in ancient times and, many times, question the principles of narrative. In his masterclass, entitled “Dreams and Maggots”, Priit will talk about and show some of his work techniques in animation and the creative process behind his documentary about Chukchi culture.




Masterclass Priit Pärn & Olga Pärn – Story line and just line – Sold Out

16th/Mar | 3pm | Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 | Duration: 2 hours

Known for their films, Priit and Olga Pärn are professors at many schools worldwide. At MONSTRA 2018, they are coming to give a masterclass on how to plan and direct a short cartoon.