Andrea Basilio

She was born in Lamego in 1978. She is in charge of the children and youth’s programming at RTP. Basílio studied at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and then started working at RTP2, on Triunfo dos Porcos, a weekly maganize. Her passion for television started there. She also studied cinema externally, having studied the production of short films. She has already overseen the contents and productions of various television genres. Over the last few years, she has dedicated herself to the production of animation and children’s programmes.



Mauro Carraro

Mauro Carraro was born in the North-East of Italy in 1984. After studying engraving, photography and graphic design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, he continued his academic path in France. In 2010 he graduated from the renowned Supinfocom Arles where he studied CG animation. Now he lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where he works at Nadasdy Film studio. His first professional animated short film “Hasta Santiago” was awarded the Best Debut Film at the Annecy Festival in 2014 and received over two dozens of awards worldwide. Mauro has been a jury member at a number of film festivals including Krok International Film Festival and the Warsaw Film Festival, having been a part of the international jury at Seoul’s Best of the Best Animation Festival.



Priit Tender

Born on February the 7th, 1971, in Tallinn, he graduated as an art teacher at the Tallinn University in 1995. Worked as a co-artist in the movie 1895 (1995) of Priit Pärn and Janno Põldma, at the Eesti Joonisfilm Studio. He started his career as a director the following year with “Gravitation”. His work is conducted by surrealistic and obscene images, becoming clear the influence of the dark humor from Pärn. Tender’s movies received awards and nominations from the most important animation short-films festivals, which include the festivals of Annecy, Ottawa, Hiroshima, Dresden, Fredrikstad, Utrecht, among others.



Takashi Namiki

Born in 1952, in Japan. He’s been a member of ANIDO, which was instituted by professional animators in 1967 and has studied films of the world through ANIDO’s monthly film show. In 1973, he began working as an animator at Oh! Production and participated in the production of “Heidi” and “Grandizer(Goldorak)”, having been chosen as the chairman of ANIDO. He has published books on animated film. He collected animated and documentary films for his private archive, which has over 5 000 titles, also contains many materials of classic Japanese animation.
In 1998, he released his first animated film titled “Upon This Planet”.


Tó Trips

He was born in Lisbon, in 1966. In ’91 and ’93, after attending Reading Festival he comes back loaded with new ideas. In 1993, he forms Lulu Blind. They record three albums and perform throughout the country opening for Xutos e Pontapés. In 2000 he forms a band with his colleague Pedro Vargues, bassist of Lulu – Hi Fi. In 2003, he forms Dead Combo, with whom he recorded five albums. Trips has written numerous soundtracks for films and has also composed for theatre. In 2009, he decides to release a solo album, “Guitarra 66”. Nowadays he is part of Dead Combo, Timespine, Ladrões do Tempo, as well as a solo artist.