Tuesday 26 | 6:00 PM| Cinema Ideal 


Experimentation is nothing about technique and it’s nothing to do with abstraction. It is about utilising procedures that remain open to change and responsive during the making of a film. Here there are puppet films, hand drawn and hand painted films as well as Michael Frei’s touchpad animation and Daisy Jacob’s two and a half dimensional stop frame film. The programme is in two halves, the first six films are made by my contemporaries, and the final six films are made by film-makers who all were at one time my students. Here there are formal experiments with cinema like Martin Arnold’s piece and free expressionists like Phil Mulloy and Gianluigi Toccafondo. Together I think they surprise, excite and inspire. These films are never dry or academic, they are ironic, beautiful, political, and make us laugh and cry as cinema should and we should bear the term experimental film-makers with pride.

Paul Bush



PINOCCHIO, Gianluigi Toccafondo, Italy, 1999, 6’
TOPIC 2, Pascal Baes, Belgium, 1990, 7’
SONNTAG 3, Jochen Kuhn, Germany, 2012, 14’
ALONE, LIVES, WASTES, ANDY HARDY, Martin Arnold, Austria, 1998, 9’
THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Phil Mulloy, United Kingdom, 1992, 9’
ONE THOUSAND STEPS, Tim Hope, United Kingdom, 2003, 9’


AMOURETTE, Maja Gehrig, Switzerland, 2009, 5’
THE PUB, Joseph Pierce, United Kingdom, 2012, 8’
PLUG AND PLAY, Michael Frei, Switzerland, 2013, 6’
COSMOETICO, Martina Scarpelli, Italy, 5’
THE BIGGER PICTURE, Daisy Jacobs, United Kingdom, 2014, 7’
A PLACE I’VE NEVER BEEN, Adrian Flury, Switzerland, 2015, 5’

Wednesday 27 | 3:00 pM | Cinema São Jorge | Room 2


HIS COMEDY, Paul Bush, 1994, 8’
STILL LIFE WITH SMALL CUP, Paul Bush, 1995, 3’
FURNITURE POETRY, Paul Bush, 1995, 5’
DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE, Paul Bush, 2001, 5’
WHILE DARWIN SLEEPS, Paul Bush, 2004, 5’
PAUL BUSH TALKS, Paul Bush, 2006, 2’
PAS DE DEUX DE DEUX, Paul Bush, 2001, 5’
CENTRAL SWISS, Paul Bush, 2006, 8’
LAY BARE, Paul Bush, 2012, 6’
THE FIVE MINUTE MUSEUM, Paul Bush, 2015, 7’
ELEGY, Paul Bush, 2016, 6’
THE ALBATROSS, Paul Bush, 1998, 15’