Vincent, Louise, Anatole and the others…20 years of animated cinema from JPL Films 

Venue: Museu da Marioneta
Dates: March 9th until April 30th

The idea for this exhibition  is to concentrate 20 years of production from JPL Films, in terms of animated films using puppets and other hybrid techniques and approaches. Twenty is the number of films which reveal their behind the scenes, showing the viewer the secrets of producing a film. From the initial graphics research for decoration and character, through the creation of puppets and accessories, through the decorations themselves or the storyboards.


Fotogramma per Fotogramma 

Venue: Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes Inauguration
Dates: March 14th until April 15th

An exhibition dedicated to Italian animation, curated by Paola Bristot. “Fotogramma per Fotogramma” traces a general perspective of the contemporary authorial production of animation short films in Italy. The selection of the exhibitors is related to the launch of the fourth “Animazioni”DVD, curated by Paola Bristot and Andrea Martignoni.


Bruno Bozzetto Retrospective 

Venue: Cinema São Jorge e Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes
Dates: March 16th until April 15th

This exhibition, a partnership between MONSTRA  and the 8 ½ Italian Cinema Fest, celebrates an essential name in Italian and international animation, Bruno Bozzetto. More specifically, it pays tribute to “Allegro Non Troppo”, 40 years after its premiere. This film incorporates six classical music pieces intrinsically connected to “Fantasia”, produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1940.


Julia Gromskaya and Simone Massi Retrospective

Venue: Cinema São Jorge e Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes
Dates: March 16th until April 15th

This exhibition traces a retrospective of the work of Simone Massi, one of the most talented and award-winning directors of the new generation of Italian animation, and Julia Gromskaya. Within this retrospective of his work and his partner Julia Gromskaya, we showcase “La memoria dei cani” (2006), “Nuvole mani” (2009) and “Dell’ammazzare il maiale” (2011), the drawings for which, completely made by hand, remain true to the initial dream of overcoming adversity and carving out a solid position in the world of animation.


Forty Years of CINANIMA Drawing with João Machado

Venue: Cinema São Jorge
Dates: March, 16th until 26th

Exhibition curated by CINANIMA. It traces a retrospective of the posters of CINANIMA, which takes place in Espinho since 1977. The work exposed refers to the forty years of collaboration with the artist João Machado, who created all the Festival posters to date.


What Happens Between The Images 

Venue: Maria Pia Galeria
Dates: March, 6th until 31st

Interactive exhibition about the image in motion, where the spectator is invited to explore the displayed optical tools and learn about their historical relevance.