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The “Animation and Virtual Reality” Panel is sold out. You can still register and will be placed in the waiting list and can still try all the projects starting at 2 pm at Cinema São Jorge.

Date: 18th march 2017
Time: 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Venue: Cinema São Jorge, Sala 2 – Lisboa

MONSTRA – Lisbon Animation Festival, will organize its first panel discussion on Animation and Virtual Reality during its next edition, which takes place from March 16 to March 26, 2017, with free entrance.

From videogames to animation and even Web design, VR is on its way to becoming one of the entertainment’s industry heavyweights, making its discussion inevitable for those who’re serious about it. We will be hosting a panel discussion with: Rachid El Guerrab, project manager  ©Google Spotlight Stories; Tim Ruffle, director, Aardman Studios; Luke Ritchie, Head of Interactive Arts – Nexus Studios; Rui Guedes, Ground Control Games; and Filipe Luz, Lusófona University.

This talk will feature a presentation by each of the participants followed by a conversation about Animation and VR moderated by Susana Marvão (information technology journalist).

On March 18, at Cinema São Jorge, following a talk with the specialists, the public will be able to experiment with the technology used on the various projects by all the participants, using the HTC VIVE and Google Cardboard tools.

Between 2pm and 5pm, the projects will be on display in Theater 2 (Sala 2), for which no registration is necessary.


Free entrance 

Registration via (subject to availability )


Projects on Display:

Special Delivery – ©Google Spotlight Stories – Tim Ruffle
Rain or Shine – ©Google Spotlight Stories – Felix Massie
Pearl – ©Google Spotlight Stories – Patrick Osborne
On Ice – ©Google Spotlight Stories – Shannon Tindle
Buggy Night – ©Google Spotlight Stories – Mark Oftedal
Planet of the Couches – ©Google Spotlight Stories
Windy Day
VR Sports – Ground control Games
Return Zero VR – Ground Control Games
Archi VR – Ground Control Games
Projecto VR – Universidade Lusófona
Google Tilt Brush


Our guests:

Rachid El Guerrab 

Rachid El Guerrab Headshot

Rachid El Guerrab is a Technical Project Lead for Google Spotlight Stories at ATAP/Google, where he specializes in immersive and interactive storytelling for mobile and VR. Prior to his company being acquired by Motorola Mobility, he was president of technology and co-founder of Human Engines Inc, focused on graphics engines and tools for mobile.

Rachid had spent over 16 years creating award-winning rendering and interactive pipelines for every SONY console since the PlayStation, as well as Nintendo and Microsoft game systems, and has held leadership positions at numerous companies including Qualcomm, Ready at Dawn, Midway and Ubisoft.



Tim Ruffle 


Tim has a background in 2D animation and illustration and since joining Aardman has also directed a number of high profile CGI and stop-motion commercials.

Clients include Nintendo, BBC and Google – creating animation for TV and interactive websites. Tim’s passion is character design and he loves to see the designs come to life using different animated techniques.





Luke Ritchie 


Luke Ritchie is the Head of Interactive Arts, a specialist interactive storytelling division of Nexus Studios, that researches and adopts emerging technologies to craft engaging story experiences.

Previously Luke was Executive Producer for UNIT9 in London and Founder of UNIT9’s office in Brazil. Luke has been making interactive work for brands for 10 years, and has an educational background in film and a long-term hobbyist background in writing code. He also enjoys speaking regularly about technology and innovation.




Rui Guedes 


“I have worked for a few years on corporate solutions development, did some R&D on the field of robotics and AI (subject of my master’s thesis). Then I’ve decided that I needed some excitement on my life and turned to Indie game/VR dev. First on mobile and now on PC/Consoles.

I’ve been working with VR since 2013, focusing on Immersion and Design-For-VR paradigms. As of 2016, I have also been exploring use-cases and overall prototyping for the Microsoft Hololens.”




Rafael Antunes


Attendes the PhD in Communication Sciences at Lusófona University.
Attended the Digital Media Summer Institute, 2011, the UT Austin | Portugal 2011 FCSH in”Convergence Culture” and
“Transmedia Storytelling in the Contemporary Global Media Environment”, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa,
worked for 17 years in the Media Group Impresa as Product Manager and responsible for the implementation of 360 VR.




Susana Marvão


Susana is a journalist 20 years of experience. She works as a freelancer mainly for B!T and Vida Económica. She’s responsible for the IT contents in the newspaper, and editor for BIT/Netmedia. 

She loves all types of super horoes and big fan of Star Wars.





Workshop 360VR Guerrilha Filmmaking 23 and 24 March

In parallel, MONSTRA also organizes a 360o VR Guerrilha Filmmaking workshop, with Rafael Antunes, from the Lusófona University. This training consists of the introduction to the basic concepts for the production of immersive contents in 360o.

VR Corner @ Festival Monstra

In partnership with HTC VIVE, Asus, Thrustmaster and Infocapital will be throughout all Festival a VR corner at Cinema São Jorge, where the public can experience the apps:  Tilt Brush – ©Google VR and Piñata – Nexus Studios for HTC VIVE.