Friday, March 17


9:00 | Registration/ Reception of the participants

9:30 | Official Opening

School Group of the Escola Secundária D. Dinis

Training Centre of the Escola António Sérgio

MONSTRA | Lisbon Animated Film Festival

10:00 | Opening: Animation Cinema Pedagogical Art | Jean-Luc Slock  

10:20 | Coffee Break

10:30 | Four world experiences:

Paulo Fernandes | Portugal
Damián Perea | Spain
Hanne Pedersen | Denmark
Luc Brévart | France

12:30 | Discussion

13:00 | Lunch Break

14:30 | A further four world experiences:

Abi Feijó | Portugal
Raffaella Traniello | Italy
Meenakshi Vinay Rai | India
Joris Van Dael | Belgium

16:00 | Discussion

16:30 | Short Break

16:45 | First Day Conclusions

17:30 | Elaboration of work groups (Workshops)

18:00 | First Day’s Work Conclusion


Saturday, 18th March


9:00 | Beginning of the Workshops

Workshop 01

Paulo Fernandes | Portugal – “Optical Toys and Pre-Cinema”

In this workshop, the trainees will be able to explore and build some of the optical toys on this workshop and learn the basics of image movement.


Workshop 02

Hanne Pedersen | Denmark – “Animation and Language Awareness and Development”

The participants of this workshop will be presented with short and easy exercises that can be done within a short amount of time. The exercises will focus on language development.


Workshop 03

Damián Perea | Spain – “Pixilation (Animation with People)”

In this workshop you’ll learn about Stop Motion, more specifically pixilation and animation with people.


Workshop 04

Raffaella Traniello | Italy – “Creating Film Soundtracks With Everyday Objects”

How to record animation soundtracks using everyday objects? This workshop will address the power of sound for conveying meanings and explore the potential sound in everyday objects. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be expected to record a soundtrack.


Workshop 05

Meenakshi Vinay Rai | India – “Growing Up”

This workshop will cover all phases of the production of an animated film. From pre-production (creation of the story, argument, storyboard), to production (animation) and post-production (sound edition), nothing will be overlooked.


Workshop 06

Joris Van Dael | Belgium – “Cut Outs – Stop Motion”

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the basics of Stop Motion animation. There will be two improvisations: an improvisation on creating a “continuous” movement over different scenes and backgrounds and an improvisation on “situation – conflict – solution”.  


11:00 | Short Break

11:15 | Resume Workshops

13:00 | Lunch Break

14:30 | Resume Workshops

16:30 | Auditorium: Screening of the films and presentation of the workshops’ projects

17:30| Second day conclusions presentations

18:00 | Closing Session